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June 19, 2011
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This Deviation is a Litle ANIMATION:
Its a 50 Images Sequence .PNG File

70mb .PNG Animation file

To view the animation
- In Firefox Hit The image for Zoomed Full view /

::::::::::::::::: Other View Options ::

- SIngle Frame Preview Image here [link]
- ANimation Version in Flash File ( 6mb ) yu Can find here . [link]

And some Sculpting Screenshots here : [link]

::::::::::::::::::::::::: HISTORY ABOUTS ::::::::::::::::::::::




From 10,000 Years ago into the unknown spacial time ...
From The Old Gods Dimensional Space Forge ...

A 10,000 Feets Kilometers Wide and high With a Whole level Inside of this Monster.

And don't mistake, you have to die and be deeply buried inside of it, in order to have the slightest change to defeat it. Sure.

This is the Primal Ultimate Junction of Earth & Live Heavenly Gods Weapon.
Made to Buried and feed of Souls Of all Humans That are foolish and Unworthy that would dare to attack the heavenly gods citadel.

No matter who you are, no matter how strong would be your army... You and all yours would be lost inside this Gigantic Humans live feeding Earth Colossus.

They say that ...
Not just Before be buried and Dying ...

Agoro the Wanderer / the great banished king of south west wizards of Humbria Summoned Here the Last and ultimate Resource against Telara The ... All mighty Earth heavenly Archtower Anthrax an Abahum AA Class Colossus .

Is been known that the summoner needs the sacrifice of 10.000 human souls to revive this massive colossus were in stone coffins slowly everyone buried and merged into his body at specific chacra points inside of him slowly looses its live and even its bearing summoning soul is slowly dragged into the forever oblivion of beyond death after the summoning. But this is Agoro its last call and long live or death task. Which for it he Massive Genocides sacrifice and buried - Every SIngle Soul - everyone at its home county At the Shire of Kory in the kingdom of Jórvik more than 10.000 He Killed in a Blow of suspense death in order to achieve the revival of this massive Old Gods Forgotten weapon... One of the 6 Gaia Ultimates. Whoever Summons Any of this 6 Creatures that is not an oldest God Dies right there just trying, and the Gods prophecy gets untarnished with and upon this earth.

But this time things are different, Agoro The summoner does not die Just - Killing Itself wile Bearing one of Zephyrus Rift Cristal Gem Immortal Swords - Inbeeds its soul inside the cristal before diying and insertions itself inside the Unknown Cristal Plane and turns itself Immortaly undead into the Colossus hearth and its crystallized body and soul becomes one of the Primeval Gaia Flames within the heavenly Earth Anthrax Colossus.

Unless you kill him from inside into its own Plane Level of existence , were yu must die first, to achieve it. Burried and Beyond Death you reach there the Heavenly Earth plane...

Were lies the dimension of this colossus within...

Yu cannot otherwise defeat from the external outside this mighty old Weapon of Gods and Gaia Ultimate Creation ... cause feeding from human lives and from all earth itself, this gigantic enormous creature is barely unstoppable.

The Earth Anthrax Colossus Body is unlimited made of the Hardest metals genetically embedded into its external stone beds, and Its inner stone is made of the hardest and compact minerals and its infinite healing Abilities Turn it nearly Impossible to Shatter or Break, or attack with any physical or wizardly kind of damage.

The Earth Antrax its a Unstoppable physical weapon driven by atomic sub particles connections and impulses ...

Its a creation of the oldest heavenly Gods ... One of the Six Unbearable Universal Ultimates.

However - The legends say that its whole body its a complex massive cave ... and whoever have one of the 3 swords of the legendary Old god Zephirus Anthrax its creator and the arcane pass on its Rift Stone Usage.

Whoever giving up of its live in a sacrifice burring itself alive in deep down Earth can - Only after dying - soul walk and penetrate its deep complex circulatory system of mana flow caves inside its body...


Your Task is now to DIE ! Carried To death in a self struck blow By one of the legendary Zephyrus Wind Fire and Water kingdoms Crystal Swords.
In order to Soul Walk and Enter tha tway inside The earth Antrax Colossus And get out of its amazing Whole Planar Level of Defences and Find , hit and penetrate into its deep labyrinthic heart of stone ...

Beyond the Death.
Burried in its Deep hearth of stone.

May the Live Rift DemiGods Be with you in this task My Chosen ...



Original Story, Original Concept & Production Work by



Making offs.

Well this took me like a whoole week ...
Modeling Rendering Overpainting Each frame by frame & STuffs like

Hope alot of people LIKE it And FAVORITE IT Please !

Thank yu !

Ruben Ismael

( Old Bankrupted Rpgsi Studio , Admin)
CGEST Light Of Live ED @ Coimbra Portugal.
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DnKrow7 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011
Amazing. I LOVE it.
fieveltrue Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
DS45 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011
awesome Animation COLOSSUs it rocks dud
Cave-Shinobi Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Pretty damn awesome, but it would be even better if the animation was smoother.
SOULSSHINE Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist


I cant believe we are from the same country and had exactly the "near same" design idea submith same time ...

How cool is that !

Thanks for apearing around ...
Yo got a new watcher at yo homepage ...

Keep up the hardwork !

Cheers !



Cave-Shinobi Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Obrigado pela apreciação :D aproveito e dou também uma vista de olhos às tuas coisas.
SOULSSHINE Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Yu bet man !

Sadly the rules was just to submith .PNG and .JPG Files ...

And as i did here yu can Embed a animation like this in a .PNG format But each frame takes 1mb ...

So i just did a animation of 50 frames ... because well it ended up with 50Mb .png size lol ...

I was preparing a animation with 500 to 2000 frames at first , with alot of stuffs more , but when it come near the end i just relised that .png animated format of 1000px takes 1mb each frame !

Just a example to this "litle" turntable animation be smooter would hav eto take 3x more that is 150 200 frames that would be a .png file of 200mb ...

lol would be quite impossible to submith that way anything more than 50 frames like this ...

And believe me i did a miracle in 50 frames man ....


But hey cool of yu to come around man ! thank yu so much ...

By the way YO PORTUGUESE !!! LIKE I AM ! Não é pás !...

I just realized that now ...


Grande abraço meu

O b r i g a do.

Ruben Ismael

Coimbra Portugal
Cave-Shinobi Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Ah, então percebo porque não fizeste uma animação melhor :P realmente, com tamanhos desses seria algo perto de impossível. E não sabia que dava para animar PNGs. Aprende-se uma coisa nova todos os dias, presumo.

Pois é, exactamente sobre o que é o SOULSSHINE-ONLINE? É que estive a ler aquilo, mas não apanhei bem o propósito.

Cumps :)
SOULSSHINE Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks ...

Pois é, exactamente sobre o que é o SOULSSHINE-ONLINE? É que estive a ler aquilo, mas não apanhei bem o propósito.

Hummm.... Assim muito rapidamente era a proposta de uma produçao em que todos poderiam entrar com os seus personagens e historias dentro de um universo communitario geral feito dos personagens e ideias de todos os quais faziam roleplay dessas historias e personagens e ideias uns para com os outros para fazer sequencias ... e assim sequelas de webnovels online ...

Que depois teriam varios outros propositos assim como imensos formatos ... hum etc etc e tudo o mais ...

Mas na realidade é uma proposta antiga visto que o nosso estudio foi ao ar e entro na banca rota com a nossa propria editora ...

E claro que eu como dirigente do estudio e teimoso como sou deixei manter alguns "resquicios abstractos" da ideia online ... Para quem sabe o que lentamente pode pegar ...

Por exemplo Gostas de Comics ?
- Pois a ideia como tinha muitos formatos num universo de personagens de quem participasse poderia acabar em formato comic ou novela grafica que depois seria com algum sucesso apresentada a algumas editoras em todo o mundo paraver quem comprava os episodios ...

Episodios esses em que não só o development team mas tambem todos os fans poderiam participar e interagir com a s hitorias ...

Gostas de jogos de video ?
- Bem apos isso como havia muito em 3d da obra ... muito facilmente se passaria parao formato UDK e ou até mesmo CryEngine sdk ... Jogos online ? tambem teriamos meios de fazer um atraves da Unity engine ... ou outras ...

Era um mundo ...

Um universo de projectos abertos em que qem quizesse poderia tambem participar com os seus proprios trabalhos e até mesmo projectos seus que quizesse com um team seu entrar dentro do ilimitado espaço universal da tal obra Comercial / mas tambem aberta open source open development online ...

E como a obra nesse factor tem essas varias categorias .. ai a explicaçao da coisa em cada uma delas tornasse mais complidada ...

Mas é bem melhor não fritar aqui os teus miolitos com isto ...
A não ser que gostes dos rumos da ideia .. e queiras participar de "alguma forma" ...

A questão é que isto deve ser um universo sem limites para creadores desenvolvedores e produtores e fans que unem as suas ideias num só universo onde podem uns com os outros jogar colaborar interagor criar grupos de novos projectos uns com os outros dessas interaçoes e ...

Bom acho que já está a ficar um bocadito demasiado longa outra vez a explicaçao não está ...

MAs tambem pudera para um projecto com 20 anos é normal ......

Um grande grande abraço ! Força ai !

Agradecimentos pela tua extraordinaria passagem pela nossa humilde e complexa casa de desenvolvimentos secretos e um pouco fantasma por cá ...

Obrigado !

Ruben Ismael
Editora Luz da Vida
CoImbra Portugal
Cave-Shinobi Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Ou seja, é uma espécie de projecto de participação livre, certo? Em que tipo de compromissos poderia eu ficar caso aceitasse juntar-me a esse projecto? E se aceitar submeter o meu Colosso no clube do projecto, fico automaticamente comprometido como um participante do SOULSSHINE-ONLINE, correcto?
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